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til death

Congratulations to my little brother Mark and his family. To celebrate marrying the love of his life Ashlee, they are hosting a reception on October 30th, 2010 to share their happiness with friends and family. I was asked to help fulfill their desire to make the information about the reception available online, so I went to work creating “til death” reception pages. Now that they are live, I just wanted to share them with you and invite you to pass along your congratulations to the happy couple. til-death-header Continue reading

Look out Bay Area BonBonBar is on it’s way!

The rumors are true, BonBonBar will be relaunching right here in the Bay Area, Berkeley to be exact! (and just in time for Halloween) Armed with it’s already popular array of treats BonBonBar became renowned for down in Los Angeles, BonBonBar will be adding a few new treats right from launch.

The Coffee Bar:

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NY/DC Romance

empire-state To illustrate the wedding favor labels for a NY/DC romance I was asked to create the Empire State Building and the Washington Monument. The Washington Monument was fairly straight forward (being that it is a monolith) but the Empire State Building was to be the more daunting task to convey the recognizable structure in a simplistic manor to match the weight of the Washington Monument. I am rather pleased with the outcome and thankfully so were the bride and groom.

Giraffe Wedding

I recently had the pleasure of designing a custom label for a happy couples wedding favors. The labels were Africa inspired and included giraffes. The original request was for a pairing of a zebra and giraffe (right) but the couple later chose to go with two giraffes (left) of different sizes for the illustration on the labels. giraffes

New Level, New Weapons

With the new addition of the Artistic Institute Level in School Vandals came the need for a bigger and more destructive weapon. Enter the spray paint gun, a formidable weapon of ease and unparalleled destruction. Of course, there also had to be something capable of cleaning such destruction. What better way to clean a painted wall than to paint right over it in a nice semi-gloss white! paint-guns

School Vandals Levels

I’d previously dedicated entire posts to the completion of classroom “levels” for the School Vandals game on Facebook. In a combined post here is the school “leveling” of a team as it grows from a preschool all the way to a level 5 college. These level images are the indicator before entering a school’s rooms as to how many rooms the school has achieved by leveling upwards. The seemingly sparse area to the left of each image was left to accommodate the games “menu” to select which classroom to enter.


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MPO UpNext

Below are screenshots of a flash application created for Move Productions Online displayed at their dance competitions by projector to announce upcoming acts and other event information. The application features video playback of past performances and animations loaded from an xml playlist. The application allows text input to display the next act appearing overlaying video playback. There are three major panels to edit attributes on screen such as video selection, font sizes, overlay text, and video attributes such as opacity and size.
  1. Video Playback of Past Performance

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