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TDWI Event Websites

I have designed, branded, and coded the website presence for all of TDWI’s events since 2010 including conferences, summits, spotlights and seminars. Here are some screen grabs of current and recent events, be sure to visit the live sites to see continued progress and to appreciate the interactivity of elements and responsive design resizing.


TDWI Las Vegas Conference TDWI Chicago Conference TDWI Anaheim Conference

Data Unicorn

I was tasked with branding, designing and building a micro-site within TDWI to launch a new award program with the goal of collecting a list of prospective participants and generating buzz. The new program features a uniquely different style to get applicants excited and engage a hipper and younger data science audience. Initially launched with a guerilla style presence at SXSW of Austin, our Data Unicorn ambassadors spread the word while wearing unicorn sunglasses. Marketed as being a “Data Unicorn” the Analytics Accelerator Award plays off the traits of a unicorn to showcase those in the Analytics field who stand out and deserve recognition. tdwi.org/dataunicorn

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TDWI mobile navigation

With the launch of the latest tdwi.org site a mobile first responsive css method was applied to ensure the growing mobile audience experience would be a success instead of an after thought. I created the CSS for a “hamburger” menu icon that transitions into an X using css transitions without image files to ensure a crisp clean navigation no matter the resolution.

Mobile Navigation Open
Color separation of the utility navigation and top navigation

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Dynamic Responsive Grid Display

Part of the new tdwi.org was for me to develop a dynamically powered responsive grid display. With the power of jquery I was able to manipulate the order of sitecore content lists to be displayed in a new combined list format with the desired attributes, thumbnails, labels and links. The grid was also designed with a responsive layout collapse so it could be displayed on all devices.

Desktop Full Grid View
Four Column Desktop Grid View

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TDWI Homepage

The evolution of the TDWI homepage through redesign and progression. The focus of my update was to increase content visibility, give search engines more to chew on, and entice the audience with the breadth of our content and place content in context.
    Some changes included:
  • Expanded view and related sections grouping
  • Membership call to action to promote membership
  • Half-height banners to cross-promote additional TDWI subsidies
  • Greater emphasis and focus on promoting events
  • Calendar view to place the event in context of the month at a glance
  • Promotion of RSS feed syndication
  • Preview of the latest publication covers accompanying their listings
  • Expand and collapsible accordion ui
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TDWI Live Dashboard

Starting in 2011 at the Orlando World Conference I created a “live” dashboard to showcase photos, videos and tweets during the conference as an experiment to both engage our attendees and promote to non-attendees what they were missing by not attending. With little to no promotion, the experimental dashboard showed promise with lively interaction and use of our newly coined hashtag #tdwi. Continue reading

til death

Congratulations to my little brother Mark and his family. To celebrate marrying the love of his life Ashlee, they are hosting a reception on October 30th, 2010 to share their happiness with friends and family. I was asked to help fulfill their desire to make the information about the reception available online, so I went to work creating “til death” reception pages. Now that they are live, I just wanted to share them with you and invite you to pass along your congratulations to the happy couple. til-death-header Continue reading