Some very nice things, said by extraordinary friends and collegues.

“Michael is a very creative, thoughtful designer. He is fantastic at figuring out how to tackle design challenges, and thrives on finding a solution when someone says “it can’t be done.” Michael continually comes up with new ideas and works quickly and efficiently to produce great work.”
Sabrina Bozek, Senior Director of Marketing, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.

“Michael is a creative mind. He thinks about and designs through the entire customer journey. As a result, he has helped his teams to discover deeper insight, ideas through smart design and enhanced digital experiences. Michael is a brand champion. His digital savvy is complemented by his creative mindset and mastery of storytelling.”
Christen Casey, Director of Marketing & Online Learning, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.

“As an Email Marketing Manager at 1105 Media, I work with Michael every day. Michael has proven to be one of the best designers I ever worked with. He not only has high level of professionalism and talent in web design, but has collaborative energy and is a very good team player. In our time working together I found him to be exceptionally responsible. Michael always meets the deadlines and suggest very bright and creative ideas for each project he is working on. That makes me confident in success coming out of any effort Michael is involved in.”
Irina Barber, Email Marketing Manager, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.

“Michael is a very creative graphic/web designer who goes beyond the requirement of his assignments to produce high-quality work. His knowledge of the latest technologies is astounding and his willingness to put it to the test results in better than anticipated outcomes. He is reliable, has a keen eye for details and is a stickler for deadlines.”
Janine Patry, Senior Marketing Manager, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.

“Michael works hard to stay up to date on emerging design aesthetics and emerging technologies. This combination enables him to create designs that feel modern and utilize the most current coding techniques available. Michael is tenacious at resolving both design and technical issues. He would be a valuable resource to any team.”
Melissa M. Reeve, Director of Marketing & Online Product Development, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.

“Michael always goes above and beyond to understand the product and the audience or user. When working with even the most arcane and specialized content, he is dedicated to designing approachable pieces and usable media. He is both creative and reliable—a valued team contributor!”
Marie Gipson, Managing Production Editor, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.

“Michael Boyda is a thoughtful, reliable, and talented graphic/Web designer who is careful with details and always meets his deadlines. In addition to delivering consistent, high-quality work, Michael frequently adds value by pointing out connections between products and making suggestions for optimizing branding. TDWI has relied on Michael to redesign some of our flagship publications or create new ones as well as to develop efficient, user-friendly Web pages incorporating social media and other creative elements.”
Jennifer Agee, Managing Production Editor, 1105 Media, Inc.

“I had the pleasure to work with Michael briefly while at 1105 Media. His work was always clean, met client expectations and was on target for his project milestones. Clean code and a team player.”
Ron Licata, Manager, Creative Services, 1105 Media, Inc.

“Michael is a detail-oriented designer who is fantastic at meeting deadlines, even when swamped with multiple projects. He worked on the redesign of TDWI’s research pubs and did a fantastic job making them look elegant and modern. Michael is a great designer to work with because I know I can rely on him to input every change I’ve requested, even those that may otherwise be overlooked.”
Roxanne Cooke, Senior Production Editor, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.

“Michael is an excellent worker and most effective and efficient. He specializes in web designing and does a great job. He is always a great help to turn to in need of advice based on web-based ideology.”
Allen Tong, Developer, Simetra Systems, Inc.

“Michael was detail oriented. He always provided a high quality of work and on schedule. He provided input not just as a graphic artist/web designer, but also provided constructive criticism on a business level.”
Karen Sorensen, Software Engineer, Simetra Systems, Inc.

“Michael worked as a Trainer/Mentor in the Las Positas College Design Shop student-run business. He was always helpful to all our student volunteer designers. He is proficient, creative and displays a high level of knowledge. He was, and I am sure remains, a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.”
Fredda Cassidy, Coordinator, Head Faculty, LPC Design Shop

“Michael is one of the most talented and creative designers that I know. He consistently demonstrates his ability to successfully understand and communicate the message desired from a client or assignment and he has a real eye of design. I would highly recommend his performance and abilities in a heartbeat.”
Kristi Inman, Student, Las Positas College

“Michael has provided results to some complicated ideas. He is creative and a self thinker that should be welcome in any relationship offered. He will always have work with us.”
Ken Manrubia, Owner, DLR Sales, Inc.

“Michael is extremely knowledgeable in his field and has the ability and expertise to respond to requests on projects quickly and with the best design suitable for the particular project. He is also a pleasure to work with and is calm and patient in dealing with clients and project requests. I would certainly recommend Michael.”
Cheryl Estrella, Programmer, Simetra Systems, Inc.