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TDWI Event Websites

I have designed, branded, and coded the website presence for all of TDWI’s events since 2010 including conferences, summits, spotlights and seminars. Here are some screen grabs of current and recent events, be sure to visit the live sites to see continued progress and to appreciate the interactivity of elements and responsive design resizing.


TDWI Las Vegas Conference TDWI Chicago Conference TDWI Anaheim Conference

TDWI Best Practices Reports

TDWI Best Practices Reports are a quarterly research publication. For most of the past 6 years I have been the sole designer for this publication which consists of multiple figures and sponsors. Approximate 36-44 pages in length these are one of the remaining few publications that are printed as well as distributed digitally as PDF. Each sponsor is given the opportunity to create a custom version of the cover to identify themselves individually. A summary teaser of the report is also produced as a PDF and contains call-to-actions to download the full report.


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Data Unicorn

I was tasked with branding, designing and building a micro-site within TDWI to launch a new award program with the goal of collecting a list of prospective participants and generating buzz. The new program features a uniquely different style to get applicants excited and engage a hipper and younger data science audience. Initially launched with a guerilla style presence at SXSW of Austin, our Data Unicorn ambassadors spread the word while wearing unicorn sunglasses. Marketed as being a “Data Unicorn” the Analytics Accelerator Award plays off the traits of a unicorn to showcase those in the Analytics field who stand out and deserve recognition.

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TDWI mobile navigation

With the launch of the latest site a mobile first responsive css method was applied to ensure the growing mobile audience experience would be a success instead of an after thought. I created the CSS for a “hamburger” menu icon that transitions into an X using css transitions without image files to ensure a crisp clean navigation no matter the resolution.

Mobile Navigation Open
Color separation of the utility navigation and top navigation

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Dynamic Responsive Grid Display

Part of the new was for me to develop a dynamically powered responsive grid display. With the power of jquery I was able to manipulate the order of sitecore content lists to be displayed in a new combined list format with the desired attributes, thumbnails, labels and links. The grid was also designed with a responsive layout collapse so it could be displayed on all devices.

Desktop Full Grid View
Four Column Desktop Grid View

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“As an Email Marketing Manager at 1105 Media, I work with Michael every day. Michael has proven to be one of the best designers I ever worked with. He not only has high level of professionalism and talent in web design, but has collaborative energy and is a very good team player. In our time working together I found him to be exceptionally responsible. Michael always meets the deadlines and suggest very bright and creative ideas for each project he is working on. That makes me confident in success coming out of any effort Michael is involved in.”
Irina Barber, Email Marketing Manager, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.

“Michael is a very creative graphic/web designer who goes beyond the requirement of his assignments to produce high-quality work. His knowledge of the latest technologies is astounding and his willingness to put it to the test results in better than anticipated outcomes. He is reliable, has a keen eye for details and is a stickler for deadlines.”
Janine Patry, Senior Marketing Manager, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.

“Michael works hard to stay up to date on emerging design aesthetics and emerging technologies. This combination enables him to create designs that feel modern and utilize the most current coding techniques available. Michael is tenacious at resolving both design and technical issues. He would be a valuable resource to any team.”
Melissa M. Reeve, Director of Marketing & Online Product Development, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.

“Michael always goes above and beyond to understand the product and the audience or user. When working with even the most arcane and specialized content, he is dedicated to designing approachable pieces and usable media. He is both creative and reliable—a valued team contributor!”
Marie Gipson, Managing Production Editor, TDWI, a division of 1105 Media, Inc.