FlushRush: The Game with an Explosive End

Check out my first attempt at an android platform game!

The objective is simple, help your character reach the toilet avoiding all “water” obstacles that may get in your way. Water obstacles cause your character to remove an article of clothing in anticipation of not making it to the toilet in time. Hit enough water obstacles and it is game over.


In this proof of concept demo, your character is ‘Sid’ and you must jump and/or walk to the toilet as many times as you can before you’ve hit too many water hazards. In this demo, the only water hazard is a sink which turns on and off sporadically. [They really should fix the plumbing.]


Feedback is welcome and feel free to share this game with friends and family. For your convenience there is a downloadable apk linked in QR codes embedded in each image to get your free copy of the demo!

flushrush-game Good luck and enjoy!