TDWI Live Dashboard

Starting in 2011 at the Orlando World Conference I created a “live” dashboard to showcase photos, videos and tweets during the conference as an experiment to both engage our attendees and promote to non-attendees what they were missing by not attending. With little to no promotion, the experimental dashboard showed promise with lively interaction and use of our newly coined hashtag #tdwi. tdwi-live-2011-orlando Following the success of Orlando, we took it a step further for Las Vegas in 2012 by offering sponsorship, added a new guide view, lightbox image viewing as well as “tdwi live” branding. The jquery was refined and the dashboard code was divided into modular components. tdwi-live-2012-las-vegas

New additions included:

  • guide agenda view
  • utilized flickr api
  • photo lightbox viewer
  • sponsors
Below is the lightbox view in action. tdwi-live-2012-photos